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​Cracked Tooth Repair In
Sioux City.

The enamel surface on your teeth is one of the hardest substances in your body. It is meant to last for a lifetime when properly maintained. As we get older, our teeth experience wear from daily use and the continual barrage of bacteria, sugars and other substances. If you grind your teeth or clench them while sleeping this can also be damaging to your tooth enamel. Experiencing pain while chewing, or sensitivity to hot or cold beverages, it could be a symptom of a cracked tooth. A cracked tooth isn’t always easy to identify because pain can come and go.

The team at Whispering Creek Dental is well-prepared to deal with a cracked tooth. We are very experienced in cracked tooth repair, as well as other general dentistry treatments, and are keenly aware of the pain that can be involved. You can be assured that our team of experts will take the time to speedily respond to your need for a solution to the problem. Call Whispering Creek Dental if you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a cracked tooth. We will be happy to get you scheduled quickly for an exam.

Repairs To Damaged Teeth

Methods for repairs to damaged teeth or a cracked tooth will depend upon which type of tooth it is and other aspects of the tooth’s condition. It will make a difference if it is one singular crack or several cracks in the tooth. Previous fillings to this tooth and others around it can also affect how we handle repairs to damaged teeth. Our team works closely with our patients to educate them on how and why we choose each dental procedure we perform.

Repairs to damaged teeth can be accomplished in several ways. In some cases, repairing a damaged or cracked tooth can be done with a special bonding agent. Other times, acrylic fillings or a dental crown are required to repair the tooth or teeth. If you or a family member suspect you have a cracked, chipped or broken tooth, contact Whispering Creek Dental today for an appointment. We are here to help.


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