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Dental Bridges In
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Extensive issues can stem from missing teeth. Food must be broken down sufficiently for the best absorption of nutrients in your body. Our patients have even reported to us having swallowed foods that have not been chewed properly, ultimately affecting their digestive health. Missing teeth can also have an impact on your speech and can distort your appearance, causing you to appear older.

Socially, it’s embarrassing you have huge gaps due to missing teeth. Dental bridges are a proven cosmetic dental treatment to solve this problem. A bridge can make a sizable difference in how you look, the way you eat, and most importantly how you feel about yourself.

Why Choose A Dental Bridge

When you have a single tooth that’s missing, there are a few courses of action. To fill in the gap you can have a partial denture, you can get dental implants if you are a good candidate, or you can have a bridge made. A bridge has a few advantages. It is permanent, while a partial denture is removable. A dental bridge is also less expensive than dental implants.

Abutment teeth are located on either side of the gap. When your new dental bridge closes this gap, the result is a natural smile once again. Dental bridges are created using metal and porcelain. A metal base covers the two abutment teeth and spans the gap and porcelain that is designed to look like real teeth cover the metal. The porcelain and metal are fused together. These abutment teeth are prepared in advance; once the bridge is ready, it is permanently cemented to them.

Our patients see the remarkable difference a bridge makes in their smiles. You too will be happy that you made the choice. Although partial dentures may be ideal in some cases, a dental bridge is usually the preferred choice for patients who are good candidates. Special upkeep is required for bridges, and our dental team in Sioux City will cover this for you. However, you will find that it’s worth the additional care once you begin to enjoy your favorite foods again. Contact Whispering Creek Dental today to schedule an appointment.


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