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A Stark Difference Between Traditional Crown And CEREC. Here’s What You Should Know

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New discoveries and technologies have made our life much easier these days. It seems like there is nothing that cannot be restored. For example, the fear of a missing tooth does not bother people much because it can be easily revamped with a crown or dental implant. Today we are going to talk about CEREC and traditional crowns in detail and how they differ from each other. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at it.

An Insight into CEREC: 

CEREC or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics can be done within a few hours by your dentists. He/she will take a digital image of your tooth with the help of an intraoral camera to understand the size of your tooth. Then your doctor will make a virtual image of it with CEREC  software and finally get the crown manufactured.

What Exactly is Traditional Crown?

The traditional crown is preferred by most people who have lost their teeth. Its sturdy, robust and quite durable. The materials which are used to manufacture a traditional crown are porcelain, metal, ceramic, gold and resin. People often opt for the porcelain crown because of aesthetic values as it matches the natural teeth color.

Time Taken to make Traditional Crown

We have already mentioned that it hardly takes a day to manufacture a CEREC crown, but your dentist might take more than one day to make a traditional crown.  It is generally constructed in a dental lab due to which it might even take around a week for the crown to come back from the lab.

Durability of CEREC

Many people who have opted for CEREC suggest that everyone should get it done by a good dentist or else it might not sustain for a long period of time. Few feel quite convenient to opt for CEREC as it is made within a day while some of them do not want to give the benefit of the doubt because they are pacified with traditional crowns.

Durability of Traditional Crown

Durability and traditional crowns go hand in hand. You can peacefully rely on your traditional crown as it won’t come off that easily. Both the contour and the fit of it are a class apart, but you need to have the patience to get a traditional crown manufactured.

You may get perplexed about which crown to choose, but a good guidance will surely leave you with zero confusion. You can get in touch with the people who have opted for crowns as they could help you out with it. You may also talk to us to have a better idea about both the crowns, so, call us at (712) 276-8432 to book an appointment.


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