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First Visit

We want your first visit as a new patient to act as a precursor to what you will come to expect from Whispering Creek Dental. The team will walk you through a tour of our office, so you will have the opportunity to see all we have to offer. During your visit, you will meet the team, including Dr. John Welch, who will be available throughout to answer any questions you may have. If you are bringing kids along, you will also get to experience our team’s hands-on commitment to oral health education, first hand.

This is your chance to take in all the comforts, amenities and services that are provided to patients at Whispering Creek Dental. We do not want you to feel rushed, so relax with refreshments and let our team take care of all your needs. This is just the first of many visits, which will lay the foundations for a long and mutually beneficial relationship between our staff and our patients.

During Your Appointment

Your first appointment is important in setting the standard of treatment you deserve. Your dental hygienist will take a series of x-rays, as well as digital and laser images, which will allow us to identify problems that wouldn’t show up using traditional practices. These technologies detect decay, plaque, gum disease and other oral health issues before they have the chance to progress.

We will measure your gums and decide on the best course of action, before carrying out a thorough cleaning of both your gums and teeth. We want to help ease the financial strain on you, so if you need treatment we will carry out the work on the same day where possible. That means fewer appointments for you, and less chance of serious oral health problems arising. After your appointment, the entire team will make time to discuss future appointments and an oral health plan that will keep you smiling and healthy.

Contact Whispering Creek Dental today to schedule your first visit with us and become part of our dental family.


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