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Halitosis Treatment In
Sioux City.

What is halitosis?

A simple explanation can shed light on this uncomfortable problem. Halitosis is simply extreme bad breath. Halitosis can be prevented and it can be treated with general dentistry.

How does Halitosis arise?

This condition can be caused by several things. Medications, certain foods, tobacco products, illness and dry mouth can all cause this chronic bad breath issue. You can also develop halitosis because of poor oral hygiene. Once halitosis has developed, you will want to find a remedy to eliminate this embarrassing problem.

Your treatment for halitosis will depend upon the cause. The first step is to call our helpful team at Whispering Creek Dental. A thorough dental exam can help uncover the reason for your bad breath, which may be due to gum disease, tooth decay, dry mouth or other dental issues. Once we are able to find the cause, we can begin bad breathe cure treatment to remedy your halitosis and regain your dental health.

Treatment For Chronic Bad Breath

Treatment for chronic bad breath is usually not found in the form of a pill or supplement. Often bad breath is caused by poor dental hygiene. Bacterial infections, tooth decay, dry mouth and other dental issues can create conditions that allow a bad odor to escape your mouth every time you speak. Resolving dental issues and learning ways to maintain your dental health is the best way to treat and prevent halitosis that is not caused by a medical condition.

At Whispering Creek Dental, our experienced dental care team can help you regain your dental health and ward off many of the causes of halitosis. Contact our office today to schedule your first dental exam today to get back on the road to a healthy, beautiful smile and fresh, pleasing breath.


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