Whispering Creek Dental gives you the full selection of dental care services. We will deliver the services you need in a family-oriented environment geared toward your comfort. We have found that a relaxed patient feels better about the service we provide and are more apt to return for that follow up an appointment. We are sure you will feel right at home here in our Morningside clinic.

This is a quiet neighborhood nestled close to the Whispering Creek Golf Course. You might be more than a little amazed with some of the amenities we offer our patients, which will certainly make your visit special.

Tour the Whispering Creek Dental website. You will find all the information right at your fingertips. The practical and easy way to get to know our staff and the services we offer:

Comfort And Amenities

We value the time our patients take to visit us at Whispering Creek Dental. During each visit we want you to feel…


Dr. John Welch and your Whispering Creek Dental team are dedicated to providing the highest quality…

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One of the main reasons that oral health suffers in America is the perceived notion that great dentistry is…

​Meet Our Dentist

Dr. John Welch was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He spent his childhood growing up in the cornfields of Shellsburg…

​​Meet Our Team

Dr. John Welch and your Whispering Creek Dental team are dedicated to providing the highest…

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Experience the Difference with Whispering Creek Dental

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Experience the Difference with Whispering Creek Dental

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Having access to the best dental treatment in the world won’t make a difference if you can’t find the time for…

Relax And Enjoy Your Visit!

Many find it difficult to relax during a dental visit due to past bad experiences with dental care. We are here to alleviate that stress and assure you that visiting a dentist does not have to be about pain or discomfort. Quite the opposite is true here at Whispering Creek Dental.

Once you have experienced the friendly atmosphere at our clinic, those past experiences and anxiety will start to fade and you will feel more assured of excellent dental care. In fact, you will wonder why you ever went anywhere else. We offer our patients comfortable amenities not often found in other dental clinics. Our emphasis is on comfort and relaxation. We have learned that relaxed patients are easier to work with and they heal faster. Realizing that overall health begins with healthy oral care, we will show you ways to better care for your mouth.

It is our pledge to you to provide the best dental care available in the Sioux City area. Therefore, we will answer your questions and alleviate your concerns regarding you and your family’s dental health. Your family’s smile is our business. Contact Whispering Creek Dental today for an appointment for you or a family member.

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Come visit us and experience the gentle difference. We strive to create a dental experience unlike any other.