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Many people do not realize how important oral health is to overall well-being. Older people may feel that they do not have to worry about appearance as much as they did in their younger years so they can get content with less than optimum oral health. Younger people may not take the time to attend to oral health and consequently unnecessary problems intensify as time goes on. Whether or not it the first baby tooth or the mouth of a great grandparent or anyone in between, oral health and proper dental treatment matters greatly.

At Whispering Creek Dental, we take seriously the connection between general health and oral health. It may seem that since a tooth or teeth are missing it does not matter; however, besides affecting your appearance, it affects your overall health. Restoration dentistry addresses the issues that arise with missing teeth. We provide dental services to restore your mouth back to its best condition even when you have missing teeth.


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Years are added on to your appearance when teeth are missing. Natural teeth provide structure for your facial muscles. When that supporting structure is gone, your face can look gaunt and sunken in. When space is filled again using denturesbridgework or implants, your facial muscles have the support they need and that alone can make you look years younger.

Missing teeth also contribute to poor nutrition when you cannot chew your food properly. This affects the uptake of needed nutrients. Even one missing tooth can begin a slow cascade of problems that can lead to an increase of cavities and gingivitis or periodontitis. Research has shown that dental disease contributes to an increased risk of heart attack, type 2 diabetes, stroke and other problems. It has also uncovered a link between people with no teeth and chronic kidney problems.

Dr. Welch and our team at Whispering Creek Dental are committed to helping you avoid these concerns by providing the restorative dentistry in Sioux City required for your best dental health. A nice smile can help you feel good about yourself and boost your self-confidence. A healthy smile can keep you from developing serious medical problems. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and talk with Dr. Welch at (712) 276-8432 about the restorations that are best suited for your circumstances.


Come in for a consultation and find out all about the best cosmetic dentist in Sioux City.. Let Dr. John help you own your smile.

Many of our patients find they don’t need extensive dental work in order to look their best. Sometimes the solution is much simpler: for instance, whitening dull yellowing teeth. Some of our patients come to us with the idea that cosmetic dentistry is a superficial indulgence. But they soon find that it allows them to feel better about themselves, and it can actually transform the way they interact with other people.

Are you hiding your smile because you’re self-conscious? Maybe a cosmetic issue is keeping you from smiling as much as you would like? Cosmetic dentistry can give you the confidence to interact with people on a more genuine level. You’ll be able to show them who you really are through the beauty of your new bright, healthy smile. Contact Whispering Creek Dental today for more information about our cosmetic dental treatments or to schedule an appointment.


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