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Root Canal Therapy In
Sioux City.

There are situations when decay has been allowed to progress in a tooth and more than just a surface filling will be needed for repair. Often these deeper issues will require root canal therapy, a deeper removal of the decay that has compromised the tooth. At Whispering Creek Dental, a root canal does not need to be a painful or stressful general dentistry procedure. We can quickly resolve the issue and have you back smiling again in no time!

First, you must understand why root canal therapy is needed. The tooth is compromised, at first, when decay attacks the outer surface. Decay develops after food becomes trapped on or between teeth and bacteria attacks the surface of the tooth. After the outside is attacked, the decay moves to the next layer of the tooth, the dentin. After reaching the dentin, the decay moves more rapidly. It’s only a matter of time before the decay, attacking the dentin, moves to the nerves within the tooth. While still within the dentin of the tooth, you can feel some discomfort. The closer to the nerves the infection gets, the more discomfort. When nerves are compromised, pain will increase. Sometimes an abscess will form and then the abscess will attempt to dissolve bone tissue. If treatment is possible to save the tooth, it will have to be by root canal therapy.

Root Canals Are Not Painful-Infected Teeth Are Painful!

You may have been under the impression that root canals hurt. This is not true. Not having a root canal procedure done on an infected tooth is what will cause the most pain. Without the help of a root canal, pain from a decayed tooth can be unbearable and the tooth will eventually be lost. We will make you comfortable during your procedure and you will not feel pain while we extract the infection and repair your tooth. We will remove the cause of the pain and ensure you are able to keep your tooth, protecting your beautiful smile.

Trust our experienced team when you need root canal therapy for quick, comfortable resolution to your tooth pain. Contact Whispering Creek Dental today to schedule a consultation. We accept most dental insurance and have financing options available.


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