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Symptoms of Gum Diseases

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Oral care and hygiene encompasses a number of factors like keeping your tongue, gums as well as teeth clean and free from cavity-causing bacteria. Often a tooth infection if neglected may travel down to the roots and affect the gums in turn. The very first sign of your gums being affected is swelling, inflammation and soreness. The degree of a gum disease may be be categorized in three stages namely:

  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis &
  • Advanced Periodontitis

How would you know your gums are affected?

Gum disease is not one of those factors that we seem to worry about unless there are some significant symptoms pestering us to pay attention to it! The symptoms may go from mild to severe. Like any other disease, the earlier gum problems are addressed, the lesser you will suffer.

This post will certainly aid in making you capable of detecting gum disease as soon as possible! Since gum diseases might be painless, all you need to do is be alert in case any of the following symptoms occur:

  1. Swollen gums along with redness
  2. Bleeding gums or gums that are very prone to bleeding
  3. A foul breadth throughout the day
  4. Gum recession, that is gaps appearing between the teeth and the gum line
  5. Pus formation in the gums
  6. Loose teeth, especially when a permanent one goes wobbly!

Stages of gum disease

Once you are able to detect that something is really wrong with your gums and you need to resort to your dentist in order to address the issue, many would start suffering from a certain amount of anxiety and fear. What would be the line of treatment, whether a tooth would have to be pulled out or not, antibiotics – you start contemplating a lot many things.

But before everything, making yourself aware of the stages of a gum disease would suffice and you could well imagine the line of treatment even before seeing the dentist! Gum diseases appear in the following stages:

  1. Gingivitis: This simply refers to a plaque attack. It is typically the earliest stage of a gum disease and is hence easily resolved. Treatments required to deal with a gingivitis are minimally invasive. Only a professional cleaning coupled with regular brushing and flossing is enough to cure the condition. However, till the ‘gingivitis’ stage things remain under control. If not dealt with immediately, it can take a worse turn.
  • Periodontitis: This is the advanced stage of a gum disease. Periodontitis may be also colloquially referred to as bone burrowing. This stage obviously requires some more invasive techniques. Periodontal Therapies such as scaling, deep cleaning especially the chewing surfaces of your teeth, removing germs and plaques from beneath the gum line etc. are usually done.
  • Advanced Periodontitis: Periodontitis may develop further to affect the tissues and cause bone loss from your jaws too. In such serious instances, you need to see the periodontist. He recommends treatments that involve bone and tissue regenerating techniques!

Some common gum care tips for you:

  • Follow proper oral hygiene practices like brushing twice daily and regular flossing too.
  • Using antibacterial toothpaste and anti bacterial mouthwash is very important.
  • Twice yearly visits to the dentists for regular checkups and cleanings

All that said, your gums can now be easily taken care of and prevented from diseases. For more preventative gum care tips you can visit  Whispering Creek Dentist your dentist in Sioux City and start following them today. A healthy regular oral hygiene is the only key to healthy gums.

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