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Tempo mandibular joint dysfunction/disorder also referred to as TMJ or TMD is a dental condition that affects up to 30% of adults, mostly in between the ages of 20 and 40. This disorder can cause several symptoms, including tension headaches, uncomfortable bite, jaw popping and jaw pain. Headaches of this nature, occur by clenching or grinding your teeth, mostly during the night hours. The pressure from this movement causes headaches radiating from the jaw or joint of the mouth. At Whispering Creek Dental, we can help relieve the pain associated with TMJ/TMD through effective dental treatments.

While the headaches caused by TMJ/TMD are not life-threatening, they are quite painful, and the problem can cause even larger issues involving the jaw and teeth. When grinding your teeth, the enamel can wear down causing decay. Since TMJ occurs mostly at night, you may not be aware of what you’re doing. With the help of Dr. John Welch and our expert dental team, we can find the best treatment to stop the damage to your teeth and give you relief from headaches and jaw pain caused from this condition.

Jaw Pain Relief

Jaw pain and headaches do not have to become a way of life if you suffer from TMJ/TMD. During your consultation with our dental team, we can determine the cause of your problems and offer solutions. Dr. Welch will examine your bite, jaw and teeth, plus he may order x-rays to further evaluate your condition. If it is determined you have TMD, we will recommend treatments that will best remedy your symptoms such as a nightguard or other options.

Don’t live with the pain of TMJ/TMD. Contact Whispering Creek Dental to schedule your exam today.

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