Zirconia – The Nonmetal Implants

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You’ve probably heard of the invisible ‘braces’ that everyone is talking about. These devices are very effective at moving teeth but without the discomfort of the metal and wires that come with braces. It is a considerably less invasive orthodontic treatment. You are not required to wear them while eating, and you can continue brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. Even better, your teeth are much less at risk for cavities while they are being moved. Invisalign aligners are also much less painful than other types of braces.

Why Zirconia Implants Is Growing In Popularity?

  • Do not discolor your gums
  • Do not corrode
  • Are durable and natural-looking
  • Contain no titanium
  • Do not cause allergic reactions
  • Are bio compatible
  • Restore and preserve your natural smile

What Are Zirconia Implants?

Once titanium implants was the one and only option for oral implantology. But in recent times, the search for alternatives has been growing. Why? It’s due to the rising risk of titanium allergies and people’s demand for metal-free reconstructions. Eventually, this led to dentists embracing ceramics as potential surrogates. After numerous researches zirconium dioxide (zirconia) earned its place as a potential alternative. While Titanium implants can leave a dull gray hue, the ivory coloring of Zirconia provides a more natural look.

The Benefits Of Zirconia Implants?

Zirconia implants has some excellent features that makes it the most sought after. They are:

  • You don’t need to worry about special brushing techniques. It’s just like your normal counterpart.
  • Metal-free dental implants means, they are biocompatible.
  • Zirconia dental implants gets less plaque formation than that of other implants.

How Does It Work?

The procedure include placing the base of the dental implant into your gum line at the place of your missing tooth. Further, Dr. John Walch places a temporary crown over the implant during your healing time. Once your jaw and gum line gets bonded to your ceramic dental implants, you’ll receive your permanent crown.

Return to your daily activities the next day!

We use minimally invasive technology for placing the zirconia implants. From the next day, you can effectively get back to your normal chores as usual. The tenure of the procedure depends on the patient and the no. of required implants which’s 1 or 2 days, max.

Healing Process:

The healing process takes 6-12 weeks before reaching the stage of osseointegration or secure bonding. During this time, consuming excessive sticky or hard foods isn’t recommended. All procedures and recovery times are unique to the patient and depends on one’s particular needs.

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