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Professional Teeth Cleaning Services & Dental Checkups

Teeth cleaning services and checkups are the first line of defense against tartar and plaque – ensuring you are protected from decay and gum disease. Not all dentists are able to provide dental cleaning that acts as a successful prevention against oral health problems, however. Without the technology and general dentistry procedures needed to identify potential problems, you won’t receive the treatment that is right for you.

At Whispering Creek Dental, we employ a combination of technologies and examination techniques, designed to keep your oral health in check. As well as stamping out problems before they take root, we aim to ensure you have fewer visits and pay less for your treatment. Our approach has a proven track record of providing patients with exemplary care, at the lowest prices available in Sioux City.

$99 Cleaning, Exam

& X-rays

$185 Value

For new patients only, in absence in gum disease. Not combinable.
Expires in 4 weeks.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

When you visit Whispering Creek Dental for an exam, we pull out all the stops. A dental hygienist will take the time to measure your gums, comparing the results to previous measurements. We will take x-rays and images to check your overall oral health, while also looking for issues that are not visible to the naked eye. Dr. Welch will even talk you through each stage of the comprehensive dental exam so that you are always kept informed.

As part of our customer promise, we have committed to saving you money, proactively identifying and treating oral health issues, and educating you on how to care for teeth and gums at home. Once your exam is finished, we will take the time to discuss what we our findings and any necessary treatments. To help you with any homecare requirements, we will also provide you with a wealth of information and resources. Comprehensive dental exams are just one of the many aspects of the Whispering Creek Dental experience, which sets us apart from the competition. Contact our office today schedule your cleaning and checkup appointment.


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