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Composite Dental Fillings In
Sioux City.

When you have cavities in your front teeth, filling material that does not match the color of your teeth can often make it look even worse. Our composite fillings are a perfect match every time. They’re made of plastic and ceramic, or plastic and glass, and are ideal for the anterior restorations that keep your teeth looking natural. Because of their aesthetic appeal, composite fillings have been used for decades, and modern technology in cosmetic dentistry has improved them. Now stronger than ever, they’re perfect for restorations. No one will be able to tell that you have had any dental work done because they seamlessly blend with the color of your teeth. Composite fillings also feel comfortable in your mouth. With a polished, smooth surface, they feel just like your natural teeth.

With its unparalleled staying power, amalgam remains the most durable material for posterior teeth. They typically last anywhere from eight to twenty years and can reliably withstand the pressure of chewing. When the tooth will not be compromised by a less substantial material, composite fillings may be used on back teeth as well. This is usually best for smaller fillings that never experience the friction and pressure that comes with chewing.

What Is A Composite Resin?

Made up of plastic and glass or ceramic materials, there are several different types of composite resins used in dental offices today. Light-activated resins are often used in composite dental fillings and use a special light to harden the polymer. For large fillings the resin is positioned in layers, using light to harden each layer. This guarantees strong and durable filling. When all the material has been positioned, we trim and smooth the surface to insure a perfect blend of your tooth and a polished surface.

At Whispering Creek Dental at Sioux City, we offer a variety of fillings to meet your dental and aesthetic needs. Contact our dental office in Sioux City Iowa today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Welch.


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