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Dental Implant In
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Dental Implant Placement

Restoring your mouth to its ideal state means, in addition to filling cavities and cleaning the teeth, filling in the spaces left by missing teeth. This can be done with partial denturesbridgework or dental implants. For patients who qualify for implant placement, this is an ideal restorative dental treatment to replace a missing tooth. It is important to realize that a dental implant is an investment in your oral health. Unfortunately, not everyone’s mouth is suited for this procedure. Dr. Welch will be happy to give you an oral exam and determine whether or not you have the bone mass required for dental implants. If there is not enough bone to receive an implant, Dr. Welch will advise you on your options.

Dental implants require a period time between the first procedure and the finished product. It begins with a minor surgical procedure. A screw-like post is inserted into the area where the tooth root would be. This post, made out of titanium, and the bone must fuse together. This will take a few months. Once Dr. Welch determines that the implant is ready for the next step, he will proceed with placement of a healing collar or temporary crown. This allows the gums around the implant to heal in the proper position.

Once the gums have healed, in about two weeks, an abutment is screwed onto the implant. The temporary crown is seated on the abutment until the actual crown is ready. Temporary crowns are not as hard as the permanent crown will be. This allows for the area to become used to the direct pressure of chewing and build up more bone mass without putting too much pressure on the implant. Dr. Welch will tell you when you can expect to receive your permanent crown and he will explain how to properly care for your new dental implant. Remember, this is an investment in your oral health and you will want to take good care of it.

Also, we provide mini dental implant. Contact Dr. Welch at Whispering Creek Dental office in Sioux City to know about mini dental implant. Get in touch with us for a free dental implants consult and more information about dental implant placement and it’s cost.


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