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Why are Dental Implants so popular in 2019?

Dental Implant

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Basically, what are dental implants? In simple words, it is a tool in the hand of modern dentistry to replace missing tooth. However, are implants the only tooth replacing technique? Definitely not. This article focuses on what is it that makes Dental Implants to be a unique choice in the field of tooth restoration.


Are there other alternatives to Dental Implants?

Yes, for patients suffering from the issue of missing teeth dentures are an alternative. In case of patients missing out on all of their teeth, full dentures are the most common restoration. Nevertheless, with the advancements in modern dentistry, a dental implant supported prosthesis is well able to complete a removable denture.


Why is Dental Implants the preferred option? 8 reasons…

The removable dentures are usually the most inexpensive option for tooth replacement. Despite so, reasons why patients choose dental implants are:


  1. Removable dentures often put a lot of pressure inside mouth causing sore spots. When a prosthesis comes implant-supported, that amount of pressure is not exerted and therefore there are no chances of sore spots in the mouth.


  1. Removable dentures might be inconvenient because of the fact that they require removal at night. For cleaning purposes too, they need to be removed. There are some issues associated with this:


  • While wearing or removing your dentures, they might fall and break!
  • Dentures require messy adhesives. The process of removing it everyday causes the adhesive to go weak in course of time.
  • Patients often tend to avoid going out as they want to avoid wearing and opening their restorations again and again.


  1. Removable dentures often make speaking sound garbled. The teeth can slip within the mouth causing slurring of words. With dental implants normal speech is totally restores and the fear of tongue slipping in between a conversation does not exist any longer.


  1. Reportedly, Implants have a much longer life than any other restorations. An implant would normally last up to anywhere between 15 to 20 years or even more. It only depends upon the maintenance of a good oral hygiene.


  1. From removable dentures, one can make out that the restoration is an artificial one. On the contrary, a dental implant supported prostheses looks much more natural and attractive. They look and feel like natural teeth.


  1. Another issue with removable dentures is that they become loose and can rock causing discomfort and embarrassment to the wearer. With the dental implant prosthesis therefore, one feels confident that teeth will not move and the person becomes more socially and professionally interactive.


  1. Removable dentures are sometimes a real mess for old aged persons. As people age, they are subjected by nature to some amount of natural but gradual bone loss. This makes it to remove and wear them back again repeatedly. The ridge gradually wears away providing less and less ground for supporting the denture. On the contrary, dental implants aid in bone stimulation and growth as. The metal titanium (used in implant posts) help in doing so. Moreover, they act similar to your natural teeth!


  1. Finally, a full upper removable denture will cover the roof of your mouth. Food becomes more difficult to taste and enjoy. With an implant-supported prosthesis however, the roof of the mouth is not covered and therefore food can be tasted fully.


Since the popularity of dental implants is gaining ground fast these days, it is a topic for constant research and upgradation in the field of modern dental science. A study on Current trends in dental implants marks:


With a long history of dental implantology and ever since modern dental implants were introduced more than 40 years ago, the development of the ideal implant has been a major research subject in the field, thereby changing the practice of implant dentistry. Through research, dental implant technology has been constantly improving in the recent years, providing patients with unparalleled levels of effectiveness, convenience, and affordability.


The implant technology however faces a challenge as far as reaching out to the common masses is concerned. Grossly seen, it is a costly procedure. But, it is rather cost-effective instead. It cuts down on your number of dental visits as well as the hazard of repeating your dental restoration too.

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