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Things To Know About Dentures For Smile Restoration

dental dentures

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If you have lost your tooth and it is making your life uncomfortable, then dentures are the perfect solution to your problem. Dentures, by design, are removable replacements for missing teeth as well as the nearby tissues. You can choose between two types of dentures—full and partial dentures.

Which dentures are for you?

Dentures’ dentist in Sioux City, IA, recommend complete or full dentures for replacing all the missing teeth on either your lower or upper jaw or both. Dental dentures are made from acrylic and closely resemble natural teeth. The main aim of full dentures is to offer you the chewing surface to enable you to eat a diverse range of food comfortably. For proper functioning of the dentures, they must fit you snugly and comfortably.

On the other hand, dentists advise people to get partial dentures in case they are missing some teeth on either of their jaws. The purpose of partial dentures is to restore your smile as well as improve your ability to properly eat food. Generally, partial dentures are made out of acrylic, but some partial dentures can have a metal base combined with an acrylic overlay. Additionally, partial dentures prevent the rest of your teeth from shifting from their designated places along with supporting your facial muscles. In case you are not a suitable candidate for bridgework for any reason, a partial denture will be an economical substitute for you.

What are the benefits of dentures?

Dental dentures have several benefits, such as improved speech, which boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Dentures help restore your smile, which was impacted because of your missing teeth. In the case of missing teeth, your teeth can shift, which affects the overall teeth structure and appearance.

What are the steps involved in getting dentures?

In general, the entire procedure to get dentures can take some weeks and would require you to visit a dentist near you regularly. The three main steps are as follows:

  • The first step involves the dentist deciding on the type of the appropriate dentures, partial or full, based on your specific needs.
  • In the second step, the dentist takes your jaw impressions, measures the space between your jaws, and examines your jaws. Based on these measurements and impressions, plastic patterns and models and wax forms are made for creating customized dentures for you.
  • The last step, after your denture is made based on your specific requirements, the dentist fits the dentures over your teeth and makes the necessary adjustments.

After you get the dentures, it is necessary to visit your dentist for getting the dentures checked regularly. At Whispering Creek Dental, our dentists are experienced in fitting both full and partial dentures in Sioux City, IA.

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