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Why Are Dentures Important To Your Oral Health?

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Dental dentures, or simply dentures, are one of the most popular tooth replacement options available today. Dental bridges and dental implants are the other options available, but dentists are still fond of dentures. Patients, on the other hand, often wonder that dental dentures don’t look like natural teeth, will hurt, and will not allow them to eat every type of food.

They further think that it will change the way they eat, or will suddenly slip out of their mouth while eating or talking. But the fact of the matter is, dentures still is one of the best replacements for missing teeth.

We have discussed why dentures are so important when it comes to maintaining the oral health of the patients:

Improves Self Confidence

The primary reason why dentists prefer using dental dentures is that it fills out the empty spaces in the mouth. And by doing so, dentures help the patients to regain confidence, which they lost at the same time they lost their teeth.

No Diet Restrictions–

The best thing about dental dentures is that they are highly durable. They can withstand as much punishment as the natural teeth. This means that you don’t really have to give up on any kind of food items after wearing dentures. Rather, you will be able to eat your favorite food with the new set of teeth.

Mitigates Speaking Problems–

It is no secret that a missing tooth affects the speech. Not to mention that patients are less likely to talk if they are missing out on one or more than one tooth. Furthermore, if they are concerned about their smile, they will feel reluctant to talk even with their friends. Dental dentures though take time to get adjusted, it eventually treats all the dental problems.

Protects The Remaining Teeth–

The space left by a missing tooth often acts as a breeding ground for disease-causing germs. This leads to plaque and bacteria buildup. In the long-run, it results in cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. Periodontitis is also a common outcome. Dental dentures not only act as a perfect replacement for missing tooth but also protect the remaining teeth from the attack of bacteria and cavities.

Therefore, if you are a victim of missing tooth and looking forward to getting it treated, then dental dentures can definitely be the best option for you. They are pocket-friendly, as well as, comfortable to wear. They also do not have any itching or irritating sensations. Simply speaking, you will get a fully-functional set of teeth that look and feel exactly like natural teeth. So, if you belong from Sioux City, looking forward to improving the glow of your smile, then visit us as soon as possible.

At Whispering Creek Dentistry, under the guidance of Dr John Welch, we provide high-quality dental dentures so that you always look happy and attractive. You can call us at (712) 276-8432 to book an appointment, or can directly visit us at 5402 Morningside Ave, Sioux City, IA 51106, USA to book an appointment with our highly-experienced dental team.

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