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Periodontal Gum Disease ​​​​Treatment In
Sioux City.

Treatment For Gum Disease

One of the most prevalent dental issues is the onset of periodontal or gum disease. Due to excess bacteria that accumulate in the crevices in teeth and between teeth, plaque can build up on the teeth, eventually turning into tarter, if not corrected. Gum disease can be detrimental to the teeth, causing the gums to recede which can lead to bone loss and weakening of the tooth structure. However, at Whispering Creek Dental, our team of dentists in Sioux City, IA for the Periodontal disease can help stop gum disease in its tracks and get our patients back on the road to improved dental health.

The most important step in treating and preventing gum disease is keeping the teeth and gums free of harmful bacteria. This starts with regular brushing and flossing at home, with additional professional general dentistry treatments at our office. For those with gum disease, we can stop or slow the damage by offering advanced treatments such a root planing and scaling. It is our goal to ensure that we help all our patients control and stop gum disease to protect their beautiful smile.

Symptoms And Causes Of Gum Disease

One of the first symptoms of gum disease, or gingivitis, is bleeding during brushing. This is caused by red, inflamed gums that are reacting to the bacterial infection residing in the mouth. When food is left trapped in the teeth, it breeds bacteria that cause plaque, which will turn to tarter if left unchecked. Tarter can only be removed with special tools at a dental office and is part of gum disease treatment and prevention.

Gingivitis is treatable, but if left to advance, it can turn into periodontitis. The first warning signs that the situation has advanced is when pockets form between the tooth and gums. These pockets provide a place for even more food and bacteria to hide. As the bacteria grows, it can destroy the fortifications of the tooth. If allowed to progress, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss.

At Whispering Creek Dental, our team is experienced at preventing and treating gum disease. Let our caring staff help you and your family keep your beautiful smiles healthy – contact us today for an appointment.


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