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Invisalign Can Help You Achieve Faster Results and Improve Your Oral Hygiene

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Orthodontic treatment has enormously evolved today. Metal braces were quite popular among people who had crooked or misaligned teeth but, today Invisalign is getting well-received by most people. The clear aligner defines comfort and it also has innumerable other advantages. You may prefer Invisalign for aligning your teeth if you find traditional braces quite discomforting.

There are certain things which you must follow after opting for an Invisalign if you want faster results.

Keep the below-mentioned points in mind if you want to get the most of your clear aligner.

  • You must wear your clear aligner for 22 hours in a day if you want it to yield faster results. However, you can remove your Invisalign before eating something or brushing your teeth.
  • The upkeep of your Invisalign is very important if you want it to sustain. Always remember to avoid hot water while cleaning the clear aligner because it may warp it. Never use a hard-bristled toothbrush to clean the Invisalign or else it can leave scratches on it. You can use an antibacterial soap to clean the clear aligner rather than using an abrasive toothpaste. Make sure to clean the Invisalign under running cold water after removing it each time and brush & floss your teeth before reinserting it. You can soak your clear aligner in a bowl of denture cleanser to keep them moist when you are not wearing the Invisalign.
  • Not wearing your Invisalign on a regular basis can take time to show effective results. Thus, make sure you are wearing your clear aligner every day. Invisalign is comfortable to wear unlike metal braces, thus, you might not face any discomforts while wearing it.
  • It might take time for you to get used to wearing your clear aligner and that does not mean you will avoid wearing it. You will eventually start getting comfortable with it, however, there should not be a sensation of pain after inserting the clear aligner because it does not have metal brackets.

Invisalign is almost invisible, thus it cannot be noticed, unlike traditional braces. It aligns your teeth discreetly. The food particles get trapped into the metal brackets of traditional braces due to which brushing and flossing become a problem, however, it is not the same with clear aligner as it is removable.

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