Facts you do not know about your teeth

Gathering knowledge is one of the primary ways of taking proper care of your teeth and gums, It is due to this reason that we chose to post a blog that will discuss a few facts about your teeth that you are unaware of. Go through them and an end to all related confusions.

Enamel is the hardest substance in your body 

You might be surprised to know that enamel is the hardest substance in your body. The enamel (the outermost layer of your teeth) is made up of phosphate, calcium and is strengthened by proteins that make it. All of these things make the enamel layer very hard and let you chew food with ease.

Your teeth are tucked into the surface :

Almost one-third of each tooth is hidden beneath the surface of your gums. This is why experts ask you to take proper care of your gums to ensure dental health. Be careful to notice the first signs of gum problems i.e. redness and inflammation. 

Your teeth are present even at the time of your birth 

People have the misconception that babies are born with a gummy smile and hence do not have any teeth at the time of birth. Well, this is not the truth. Every baby is born with teeth that are formed beneath the gums and are known as “milk tooth”.

We have 4 types of teeth :

Human beings are omnivores that mean they eat both meat and vegetables. This is the reason why humans have evolved to have four different types of teeth namely – incisors, canines, molars, and premolars. Having these kinds of teeth helps us to eat a variety of foods without facing any problem.

You might end up almost a month brushing your teeth 

Brushing is perhaps one of the most important tasks to be executed to maintain dental hygiene. But, did you know that records say you might invest almost 38 days in brushing teeth all your life? If not then now is the time to realize it.

There is a layer called dentin beneath the enamel 

You should know that the layer just beneath the enamel is known as dentin. This is a type of layer that continues to grow throughout the life of a person. It comprises numerous microscopic tunnels that provide nutrients and transfers nerve signals access to all parts of the tooth. The dentin layer is harder than your bones.

Your teeth are unique and are just like your fingerprint

Every person has different teeth and it can never be the same for two people. This case stands true in the case of twins as well. 

We hope that going through this blog has made you aware of the unknown facts related to your teeth. Lack of knowledge can act as the major barrier that stops you from taking proper care of teeth. Also, do visit a dentist to undergo proper dental check-ups regularly.

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Dental Implants Can Replace Your Missing Teeth and Improve Your Oral Health

These days, the dental technologies have improved at an extensive rate, due to which replacing, your missing teeth does not seem like a problem. Dental implant is one such surgical component which interfaces with your jaw bone and supports a dental prosthesis. The oral treatment not only restores your smile but, also prevents your oral health from deteriorating. Its effect can sustain if you maintain a good oral routine.

Today, let’s learn about the advantages of dental implants and understand why it can boost your oral health.

Here is an insight into the dental treatment:

  • You may face problems while pronouncing quite a few words if you have one or two teeth missing which reflects poorly on your speech. Dental implants reinstate your teeth and help you overcome your speech problem and lets you talk clearly. Therefore, the dental treatment plays a significant role in improving your speech.
  • You may not be able to chew your food properly because of your missing teeth which may cause digestion problems. Dental implants enhance your chewing ability by bringing back the strength of your natural tooth.
  • Your facial structure could change due to your teeth that are missing. However, dental implants help keep the shape of your face intact by restoring your teeth.
  • The surgical component can also preserve the stability of the adjacent teeth which could move out of their position or shift if one or more teeth are missing.
  • Implants can help prevent the accumulation or formation of bacteria in the missing spaces and prevent several oral diseases.
  • Dental implants consist of the titanium implant, abutment and crown which are not natural, therefore, it is impossible for the surgical component to get affected by cavities. But, you also have to look after its upkeep and follow a meticulous dental hygiene to make it last longer.

Now that you know, dental implants can be associated with many advantages, also remember, a proper oral hygiene will help yield better results. So, brush and floss twice every day and don’t ignore cleaning your tongue. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, and see the dentist every six months to prevent dental diseases.

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6 Major Reasons Why People Suffer from Decayed or Bad Teeth

Several Americans aged between 20 to 64 suffer from bad teeth while kids falling under the age category of 2 to 11 also undergo the same discomfort. This generally happens because most of you are not conscious about your oral health which should be given a lot of priority. The condition of the teeth can get worsened with time if a proper health regime is not followed religiously.

 Here are some common mistakes committed by people which lead to poor teeth and gums:

1) Drinking a Lot of Coffee with Sugar: 

Caffeine definitely boosts your energy and keeps you charged up throughout the day. But did you have any idea about how a spoon full of sugar in your coffee can harm your teeth? It will leave ugly yellow stains on your teeth which may not get eliminated only by brushing or flossing.

2) Not Hydrating Your Mouth: 

Drinking a lot of water is the best thing that you can do to your body. Your mouth will get dried off if you keep yourself dehydrated and that may start affecting your teeth. Drink minimum four liters of water every day to stay away from decayed teeth.

3) Do Not Grind Your Teeth: 

Stop grinding your teeth right away if you have a habit of it, this will rip off the outer layer of your enamel exposing the teeth to decay. Most of them do this while sleeping and not on purpose. So, open up to your dentist about the problem, he will give you some remedies to stop it.

4) Discard All the Acidic Drinks: 

A glass of soft drink after a heavy dinner sounds like a good plan right? But what about those acidic ingredients in it which totally destroys the teeth? Have you ever thought of it? Discard all the acidic drinks today to save your teeth.

5) Not Eating Your Greens: 

A burger with double cheese is certainly more tempting than a plate full of green salad. Thus, most of you prefer opting for the former. But eating vegetables rich in nutrients and a lot of vitamins will never leave you with a bad set of teeth. Junk foods can be eaten once in a while but try to eat healthy most of the times.

6) Age is Not Just a Number: 

The state of our teeth starts slumping with age owing to which people start coming across several dental issues during their old age. But taking a few measures from an early age will keep your teeth intact even when you get old.

Having an extensive knowledge about dental care is quite advantageous. Ask us about what measures to take to get healthy and sturdy teeth. Call @ 712-587-7623 and book an appointment.

Know How Dental Cleaning Can Alter the Poor State of Your Teeth

Having clean and white teeth is also a part of aesthetic values, think of meeting someone or going for an interview with stained teeth. Sounds sickening right? Imagine how would it feel to see that in reality.

Dental cleaning results in a great outcome, it not only makes our teeth white but also keeps it hygienic.

It has been said that a maximum number of people get attracted to another person due to his/her smile. All of us are quite aware of our outer looks but sometimes we forget to pay heed to our oral hygiene.

Take a look at how dental cleaning can do wonders for your teeth

  • Teeth Will Remain Intact 

Poor condition of our teeth loosens them eventually and you certainly would not want to lose them with time. Dental cleaning definitely makes the teeth spick and span but along with that it also makes them strong and keeps them intact.

  • Aligns Your Teeth 

Yes, dental cleaning or scaling does align your teeth, it may not repair your crooked teeth completely but you will get to see a difference for sure.

  • Keeps Away Bad Breath 

No need of carrying minty gums with you every time, rather go for a dental cleaning session and try to get it done twice a year. Your mouth will be free from bad breath.

  • Other Health Advantages 

In the hustle bustle of life, we go through a lot of stress these days and overthinking causes heart attacks. But taking proper care of your mouth can reduce the chances of heart attacks and strokes. And what can be a better way than opting for a scaling or dental cleaning session?

Boosts Confidence 

You have to show confidence everywhere in today’s world, would you like if someone laughs at you due to your yellow teeth? It will automatically bring down your confidence. Unblemished teeth will let you smile your heart out and fetching that can be possible through dental cleaning.

  • Puts a Stop to Gingivitis 

Gingivitis is unbearable and it worsens with time. Dental cleaning not only makes the teeth robust but also protects the gums and prevents them from swelling, reddening and bleeding.

  • Cuts Down on Expensive Dental Treatments 

A poor set of teeth can lead to several oral diseases. But scaling will safeguard your teeth from everything and this way your teeth will stay sturdy and you won’t feel the need of opting for dental implants or dentures. Thus, a lot of money would be saved.

Start caring for your teeth from today onwards if you do not want to face any consequences later. You may even call us @712-587-7623 to get some more idea about dental hygiene.

5 Oral Care Tips for Seniors

Our health needs change as we get older, and this is especially true when it comes to the health of our mouths. Medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, even Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s can cause cavities due to dry mouth. Lowered immunity can leave men and women over 60 more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay. And the average age of diagnosis for mouth cancer is 62.

Oral Care
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Luckily, you can prevent many of these issues by visiting your dentist for regular check-ups, and by following these five simple tips:

  1. Keep up with brushing and flossing. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to make flossing and brushing with fluoride toothpaste a priority. Even though it may have been years since you’ve had a cavity, your risk for developing them increases as you get older. Daily brushing and flossing can help prevent them, as well as fend off dry mouth, gum disease and slew of other mouth problems. Also make sure you’re using an antibacterial mouthwash to prevent plaque build-up.
  2. If you have them, keep your dentures clean. Bacteria can stick to dentures the same way they would your teeth. Make sure you’re cleaning them with the proper solution daily. It’s also best to take them out for around four hours a day to protect the lining of your mouth (check with your dentist for exactly how long you should keep your dentures in each day).
  3. Kick the smoking habit. Smoking is bad for your overall health, but it can also cause serious trouble for your teeth and gums. Smoking exacerbates gum disease and tooth decay, and can make it harder to recover from oral procedures.
  4. Load up your diet with good-for-your-mouth nutrients. Your diet plays a big role in the health of your mouth. Make sure you’re eating a nutrient-rich diet full of protein, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, folate, iron, and vitamins A, B, C, and D.
  5. And leave out the sugars and starches. Starchy, high-sugar foods can eat away at tooth enamel and amp up plaque production. This can increase the likelihood for tooth decay. If you do want to indulge in sweets, make sure to brush with fluoride toothpaste afterwards.

For more senior oral care tips, schedule your appointment with Whispering Creek Dental today.

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