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5 Ways to Ease the Pain of Root Canal Treatment


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Root canal treatments can be a scary prospect for many patients. With the pain and discomfort that come along with it, many people delay or avoid root canals altogether. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the experience easier. In this article, we’ll explore five ways to ease the pain of root canal treatment.

1. Talk to Your Dentist

Before beginning any treatment, talk openly with your dentist about your concerns. Communication is key when it comes to dental work and by discussing any issues you may have before the procedure begins, you’ll ensure all parties involved are on the same page regarding expectations and desired outcomes. This will help ensure the best possible outcome for both patient and provider alike.

2. Use Relaxation Techniques

Relaxing your body and mind can help to lessen the discomfort associated with root canal treatments. Deep breathing, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation are all techniques that can be used before and during the procedure to help reduce stress and make it a more bearable experience.

3. Ask for Local Anesthetic

Most root canal procedures will require local anesthetics, so don’t hesitate to ask for them if you feel uncomfortable or in pain. Even if this isn’t provided automatically by your dentist, most practitioners will provide additional numbing medication upon request.

4. Take Pain Medication Beforehand

If recommended by your dentist, take over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen prior to the root canal procedure. Doing so will help reduce any inflammation and soreness before it can begin.

5. Use Cold Compresses

Placing a cold compress on your cheek or jaw after the root canal is finished can help lessen discomfort and reduce swelling. You can also use an ice pack throughout the day for extra relief, but be sure to take breaks in between applications.


Root canal treatments don’t have to be painful or uncomfortable experiences. By following these five tips, you’ll be better prepared for the root canal treatment process and hopefully ease some of the pain associated with it. Keep in mind that root canals are mostly necessary procedures needed to restore teeth back to their healthy state and help you maintain a strong oral hygiene routine.

Q: Is root canal treatment painful?

It doesn’t have to be! By following the five tips mentioned in this article, along with speaking openly with your dentist about any concerns before the procedure begins, root canals can be very manageable experiences.

Q: How long does root canal treatment take?

Typically root canal treatments will take anywhere between one to two hours depending on how complicated the procedure is. Your dentist can give you a better estimate of the time it will take for your particular root canal.

Q: Does root canal treatment require multiple visits?

In most cases, root canal treatments can be completed in one visit. However, depending on the severity of the root canal, multiple visits may be necessary to ensure a successful outcome and complete recovery.

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