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6 Major Reasons Why People Suffer from Decayed or Bad Teeth

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Several Americans aged between 20 to 64 suffer from bad teeth while kids falling under the age category of 2 to 11 also undergo the same discomfort. This generally happens because most of you are not conscious about your oral health which should be given a lot of priority. The condition of the teeth can get worsened with time if a proper health regime is not followed religiously.

 Here are some common mistakes committed by people which lead to poor teeth and gums:

1) Drinking a Lot of Coffee with Sugar: 

Caffeine definitely boosts your energy and keeps you charged up throughout the day. But did you have any idea about how a spoon full of sugar in your coffee can harm your teeth? It will leave ugly yellow stains on your teeth which may not get eliminated only by brushing or flossing.

2) Not Hydrating Your Mouth: 

Drinking a lot of water is the best thing that you can do to your body. Your mouth will get dried off if you keep yourself dehydrated and that may start affecting your teeth. Drink minimum four liters of water every day to stay away from decayed teeth.

3) Do Not Grind Your Teeth: 

Stop grinding your teeth right away if you have a habit of it, this will rip off the outer layer of your enamel exposing the teeth to decay. Most of them do this while sleeping and not on purpose. So, open up to your dentist about the problem, he will give you some remedies to stop it.

4) Discard All the Acidic Drinks: 

A glass of soft drink after a heavy dinner sounds like a good plan right? But what about those acidic ingredients in it which totally destroys the teeth? Have you ever thought of it? Discard all the acidic drinks today to save your teeth. Buy Tramadol online http://medicalspecialistsoffairfield.com/tramadol/

5) Not Eating Your Greens: 

A burger with double cheese is certainly more tempting than a plate full of green salad. Thus, most of you prefer opting for the former. But eating vegetables rich in nutrients and a lot of vitamins will never leave you with a bad set of teeth. Junk foods can be eaten once in a while but try to eat healthy most of the times.

6) Age is Not Just a Number: 

The state of our teeth starts slumping with age owing to which people start coming across several dental issues during their old age. But taking a few measures from an early age will keep your teeth intact even when you get old.

Having an extensive knowledge about dental care is quite advantageous. Ask us about what measures to take to get healthy and sturdy teeth. Call @(712) 276-8432 and book an appointment.

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