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7 Significant Gift of Saliva

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Saliva, the absorbing fluid in the world.

Do you believe it? Let me usher you with certain amazing facts that will not make you feel gross.

Do you even know that your teeth are swimming in the tub of saliva? Not only it is effective but at the same time, it plays an effective role.

  1. Defense mechanism

Tooth decay starts from bacteria, which breeds inside your mouth and hence starts to attack the minerals in the tooth. The buffering system of saliva will help to wash away the acid formation, breaking down the food particles and washing away the damaging acids inside the mouth.

  1. Maintains acid balance

Saliva acts as a lubricating agent inside the mouth, protecting teeth and gums and regulating the acid balance in the mouth. While regulating the balance it prevents dry mouth and hence protects it from any kind of disease.

  1. Eases swallowing

Saliva contains a kind of enzymes which helps to digest food by breaking down starches and fats. This not only makes your food tastier but helps to swallow faster and easier.

  1. Shield to protect from bacteria

Saliva has the protein molecules called mucins in them which stick to the teeth to form a shield. This microscopic ball bearing lubricating component will help you to chew, speak and swallow your food and will shield your teeth from dental caries.

  1. Contains antibodies

The mucus in your saliva is immunoglobin. This is present in other bodily fluids also like tears and sweats. This antibody helps to identify bacteria and neutralizes it. This promotes skin cell growth and blood clotting. This is an important reason why any wounds heal up quicker than any other part of the body.

  1. Regulates acid level

Your spit keeps the pH in your mouth between 6.2 and 7.4 so that your teeth and gum don’t start to perish.

  1. Secures dentures

For denture wearers, saliva secures your false teeth and keeps the thing intact.

Important facts about saliva that you will like to know:

There are 5 distinctive phases, mostly activated by the passage of food through the body.

Cephalic: occurs when you see something delicious.

Buccalthese aids in swallowing, a kind of reflexive response when the food is inside in your mouth.

Oesophageal: involves stimulation of salivary gland as food moves through the oesophagus.

Gastric: if you feel uncomfortable in your mouth then your mouth starts to produce saliva; generally termed as gastric saliva.

Intestinal: triggered by a food that doesn’t consent with you passing through the higher intestine.

Saliva serves as an important factor in your body. But if you are suffering from xerostomia then consult your dentist. Don’t increase the risk of your oral health.

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