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7 Quintessential Tips To Keep Your Child Caries Free

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42% of children are suffering from dental cavities aging between 2 to 11 in her primary teeth, whereas 21% are suffering from permanent cavities.

Looks like cavity has shaken hands with your children and they are inseparable. But here are 7 incredible tips that you can apply for keeping your child’s teeth healthy.

Children’s teeth are prone to decay when they get exposed to acid on regular basis, or if they start eating sugary food, so likewise there are many other reasons.


See the following:

  1. Go for a regular dental checkup. Children are often lackadaisical in brushing and maintaining their oral hygiene. Whereas dentist with their professional diagnosing skill can relieve them from plague and prevent oral cavities.
  2. Make sure your child is brushing her teeth at least twice a day; your child can not brush until he/she is reaching seven to eight years. Help them so that should not skip this.
  3. Do not allow your child to snack too much in between the meals; in that case flow of saliva will lower down shielding your teeth from acid attacks.
  4. If you’re encouraging your child to eat during bedtime then you are making your child’s teeth vulnerable to decay. Because at night your child’s flow of saliva will start to decrease and will make the cavities to nestle in your teeth faster.
  5. Make them acquainted with flossing if your child knows the perfect way to brush and floss then it will reduce the risk of cavity formation.
  6. Try to use an antibacterial mouthwash that will help to clean your teeth for a long period of time.
  7. The most important thing that you need to take care of your child is to treat loose teeth well. Delay in the extraction of loose teeth can take the shape of crowded teeth.

Facts about children’s oral health:

  • Dental disease is communicable. The bacteria that cause it are infectious.
  • Children require their teeth to eat properly, talk, smile, and for many other purposes, not for despising it. Children with cavities may have complexity eating, smiling, and have troubles. All in all their dental health will start to decrease.
  • Tooth decay is one of the biggest health hitches in children.

Despite all the measures if your child develops any kind of inconvenience then Whispering Creek Dental will assist you to make your teeth free from bacteria or any kind of dental problem. Contact us @(712) 276-8432.

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