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9 Astonishing Food Items That are Beneficial for Your Teeth

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Most of us have this misconception that brushing thrice or four times in a day is the only way to get stronger teeth. Healthy food not only improves our metabolism and immunity but it also develops the condition of our gums and teeth. The daily intake of vitamins should be quite high and make sure you are well aware of the food items which is filled with nutrients.


Take a look at the food items which we have mentioned here, they play a huge role in improving your teeth.

Apples for Fiber: 


Eating apples could be useful in several ways but did you know that it can do wonders to your teeth? The fruit is rich in fiber and it also washes away the bacteria in your mouth due to which dentist highly recommend people to eat apples.

Foods Items High in Vitamin C: 

Citrus fruits fall under the category of Vitamin C and it helps in building up stronger and healthier teeth. Go for strawberries, oranges and grapes to get a good amount of vitamin C. Among vegetables, try having a lot of broccoli in order to get some ascorbic acid.

A Lot of Cheese: 

Cheese, as we all know, is a delectable thing to eat. Hardly anyone has said no to it but who knew that even cheese is great for teeth. It helps in escalating the pH and it also helps in forming more saliva in the mouth.

Several Glasses of Water: 

Water actually washes off a lot of disease from a person’s body. Drinking around 15 to 20 glasses of water every day is a great way of having decay free and healthy teeth. So, don’t forget to have a lot of water even if you do not get much time.

A Meaty Meal: 

Try eating a lot of red meat to ameliorate the state of your teeth. Organ meats are also great and extremely advantageous. So, a proper meaty meal will help you to fetch a strong set of teeth.

Garlic to Prevent Tooth Decay: 

There is no doubt that garlic elevates the taste of a particular cuisine. Therefore, eating quite a lot of it does not sound like a bad idea right? Moreover, garlic also helps to fight tooth decay. Hence, what could be better than this?

A Bowl Full of Yogurt: 

Having a certain amount of curd or yogurt after lunch does help in making your teeth robust. Thus, make it a point to have a bowl full of curd almost every day.

Have a Lot of Pears: 

This acidic fruit also happens to benefit your teeth in quite a few ways. It offsets the acid in the mouth and makes the teeth healthy.


You can have almonds with almost everything, be it chocolates, cakes or custards, the nut goes with almost every food item. You should have a handful of almonds to get a good amount of protein and calcium and this in a way is advantageous for teeth.

Eating well should be our utmost priority no matter what. The above mentioned food items are definitely beneficial for your teeth and gums but you also need to look after the other things to ameliorate it. We give all sorts of advice related to teeth issues, so you can contact us @(712) 276-8432 to get insight.

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