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Facts you do not know about your teeth

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Gathering knowledge is one of the primary ways of taking proper care of your teeth and gums, It is due to this reason that we chose to post a blog that will discuss a few facts about your teeth that you are unaware of. Go through them and an end to all related confusions.

Enamel is the hardest substance in your body 

You might be surprised to know that enamel is the hardest substance in your body. The enamel (the outermost layer of your teeth) is made up of phosphate, calcium and is strengthened by proteins that make it. All of these things make the enamel layer very hard and let you chew food with ease.

Your teeth are tucked into the surface :

Almost one-third of each tooth is hidden beneath the surface of your gums. This is why experts ask you to take proper care of your gums to ensure dental health. Be careful to notice the first signs of gum problems i.e. redness and inflammation. 

Your teeth are present even at the time of your birth 

People have the misconception that babies are born with a gummy smile and hence do not have any teeth at the time of birth. Well, this is not the truth. Every baby is born with teeth that are formed beneath the gums and are known as “milk tooth”.

We have 4 types of teeth :

Human beings are omnivores that mean they eat both meat and vegetables. This is the reason why humans have evolved to have four different types of teeth namely – incisors, canines, molars, and premolars. Having these kinds of teeth helps us to eat a variety of foods without facing any problem.

You might end up almost a month brushing your teeth 

Brushing is perhaps one of the most important tasks to be executed to maintain dental hygiene. But, did you know that records say you might invest almost 38 days in brushing teeth all your life? If not then now is the time to realize it.

There is a layer called dentin beneath the enamel 

You should know that the layer just beneath the enamel is known as dentin. This is a type of layer that continues to grow throughout the life of a person. It comprises numerous microscopic tunnels that provide nutrients and transfers nerve signals access to all parts of the tooth. The dentin layer is harder than your bones.

Your teeth are unique and are just like your fingerprint

Every person has different teeth and it can never be the same for two people. This case stands true in the case of twins as well. 

We hope that going through this blog has made you aware of the unknown facts related to your teeth. Lack of knowledge can act as the major barrier that stops you from taking proper care of teeth. Also, do visit a dentist to undergo proper dental check-ups regularly.

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