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How to Treat Loose Filling

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Dental fillings are used to fill cavities to prevent bacteria growth and decay of the tooth. But these fillings can sometimes come loose. Additional tooth decay around the filling can weaken the tooth, causing the filling to become loose. An impact to the mouth or chewing something hard can also cause your filling to fall out.

If you feel like your dental filling is loose or if something feels weird when your bite, do not neglect it. A loose, broken or fallen out filling is a serious issue that requires professional attention. In some cases, you can also identify a loose filling when food packs into the tooth.

What to Do When You Have a Lose Filling?

1. Ease the sensitivityWhen a filling comes loose, the area around the tooth with the filling can be exposed. Movement of the filling may cause the area to become sore, sensitive or irritated. Rinsing your mouth with a warm salt solution can help in easing the discomfort. You can also use clove oil as a remedy for pain. Simply take a cotton swab and apply the clove oil to the affected area.

2. Do not panicThe most important thing to keep in mind during any dental issue is to keep calm and not panic. Typically, fillings that become loose or fall off can be reattached quickly and with minimal discomfort. But you should not wait too long to see a dentist to ensure your teeth remains healthy.

3. Keep your mouth cleanWhen the filling is loose, the tooth cavity is exposed. As such, it is extremely necessary to keep your mouth clean. You do not want any food particles or bacteria to make home in there. Try to chew from the opposite side of your mouth. Brush well to remove any debris and bacteria. Remember to rinse your mouth after each meal. How to buy Modafinil online without prescription http://curtspharmacy.com/modafinil

4. Call the dentistIf you observe any of the signs that suggest you have a loose filling, you should schedule an appointment with a dentist in Sioux City IA. The dentist will examine the area around the tooth and cavity fillings to ensure that there has been no growth or spread of bacteria and the infection hasn’t reached the nerves of teeth. It might be possible to restore the tooth with filling if you contact your dentist timely. In some cases where one ignores their lose filling, the tooth can become vulnerable and weak. If left untreated for long, the problem might become severe necessitating root canal. If you have to wait a day or two before seeing a dentist, you should try to control the pain from a loose filling.

Get your loose filling treated the right way

While a loose filling is not exactly a dental emergency, you should still get a loose or completely fallen out filling treated by a professional at the earliest possible. If you neglect the condition, the decay will continue to expand, affecting more of the tooth. The cavity leaves the dentin exposed making your teeth are more susceptible to damage. This is because dentin cannot combat tooth decay and endures extensive damage faster. This can ultimately lead to infection of the nerves. This is why it is necessary to get your loose filling treated as soon as possible.

Even if it is not hurting, you should get a dentist to check it out. Treating the site of a loose filling timely might prevent you from getting an abscess and the need for a root canal treatment. If you feel like your filling is loose, contact a dentist for tooth or cavity fillings in Sioux City IA right away!

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