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Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Definition & Dental Problems

Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom tooth or third molars appear at the back of our mouth as soon as we turn seventeen. They can be quite a torture and cause us severe pain and discomfort. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what is causing the pain. Only when the wisdom tooth starts poking out the cause of this excruciating pain can be determined. Our dentists at Whispering Creek Dental have come up with a list of problems caused by an impacted wisdom tooth. This will help you to identify if your wisdom tooth is erupting and you can chalk out a plan of action with the dentist.

What is Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

With the evolution of human beings, our mouth has increasingly less space for extra molars. This paves the way for a crooked outgrowth of our wisdom teeth. They might be angled towards the second molar or completely trapped in the jawbone. They could be partially impacted (partial visibility) or not visible at all as they might not erupt through the gums ( fully impacted). Either way, they can be excessively painful and your dentist will recommend extractions to provide your relief. 

Dental Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

These dental issues will help you to identify what you are dealing with. As soon as you experience any of these symptoms, rush to your dental care professional without any delay.

Excruciating Pain

You might feel extreme pain in the back of your mouth. Over-the-counter pain medications might not provide you with any sort of relief at all. It is time to get it checked out by the dentist if this sharp, ringing pain persists. Painkillers do not seem to work as it creates constant pressure at the back of your mouth. Oftentimes, it can result in damage to your second molars and lead to crowding. Get it checked with your dentist and schedule an extraction appointment to get rid of this persistent pain. This could be the reason for decayed tooth and you might be risking your oral hygiene completely unaware of its consequences.

Excessive Pressure

You might feel constant pressure which might make it difficult for you to eat your food in peace. You will suffer from continuous dull throbbing inside your oral cavity and be rendered unable to sip drinks through a straw as well. Still do not know if your wisdom teeth have erupted? Visit the dentist because this is one of the tell-tale signs of wisdom tooth pain. This excessive pressure can lead to dangerous cysts and tumors and create advanced periodontal gum issues.

Wisdom teeth start Poking Through

Oftentimes, your wisdom teeth might start poking through the gum line and cause extensive bleeding. The bleeding only gets worse as your teeth start erupting more, causing difficulty in eating. It can also lead to serious disruptions in your speech and your entire mouth might feel tender and throb excessively.

Chronic Headaches

Headaches will be a sinister troublemaker during this period. They will constantly linger and couple with the excruciating pain in your mouth, it will be a menace. It will be extremely difficult to concentrate and your impacted wisdom tooth will be the only thing on your mind. Get your wisdom tooth checked out if you want to get rid of the constant, hassling pain.

We hope this blog has provided you with the information that you required. Are you looking for wisdom tooth removal in Sioux City, IA? Walk through our doors to experience the best wisdom tooth removal procedure in Sioux City, IA, and avail of top-notch dental care.

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