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Just Got Your Tooth Extracted? Consider Following These Measures

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Right from sleep disruption to not being able to eat properly, a throbbing toothache could be a problem in many ways. It can be saved with a root canal therapy if the tooth is not damaged completely, but the need of surgical tooth extraction may come into the picture if the condition is extremely severe. There are several reasons for a tooth to get pulled out.

You might be relived after the extraction, but to speed up the period of healing, you must follow a few mandatory measures.


Here’s what you should keep in mind after the surgical tooth extraction.

Ø  Doing a lot of activities after the dental surgery might not be the right thing to do. It can trigger bleeding or cause other discomforts. Therefore, make sure you are not going to the gym and working out or lifting heavy weights. Wait until you get a green signal from the dentist, continue with your normal routine once the surgical area recovers completely.


Ø  Disturbing your surgical site can cause some severe problems, thus, avoid chewing from that side until and unless it heals completely. Also, don’t brush near the extraction site for 24 hours.


Ø  Rinsing your mouth vigorously after the surgical tooth extraction can also welcome uncalled dental problems. It can extend the time span of healing. Therefore, swish gently with lukewarm salt water.


Ø  Don’t use a straw to drink anything, it may dislodge or disrupt the clot in the socket.


Ø  Maintain a soft diet until the time your dentist asks you to follow a normal diet. Biting on anything hard or crispy can also cause discomfort.


Ø  Call your dentist or make an appointment immediately if the bleeding or the swelling is not getting reduced. You will be recommended something effective to get rid of the pain.

Why Would You Need To Opt for a Tooth Extraction?

Ø  If a tooth is decayed and its condition is extremely severe.

Ø  When a wisdom tooth is impacted due to insufficient space in the mouth to erupt.

Ø  When the condition or the severity of your broken or chipped tooth becomes extremely serious.

Ø  If your teeth are overcrowded.

Ø  When gingivitis (first stage of gum disease) turns into advanced periodontitis (final and last stage of gum disease).

Our dentists at Whispering Creek Dental perform comfortable surgical tooth extractions. Call us at (712) 276-8432 if you stay around Sioux City and are looking for a good dentist near you.

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