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Let’s Talk About Chewing

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We all chew. There’s nothing complicated about it, we’ve been doing it ever since we were babies. However, in some cases, chewing can become a problem and actually cause harm to your teeth.

Chewing is good for the health of your mouth. Here’s a list of good food to chew on according to the American Dental Association. When you chew it activates your saliva production. The saliva is what cleanses harmful acids and food particles from your teeth. When you chew crunchy foods like pretzels, celery, carrots, apples and nuts, they give your mouth and jaw a great exercise that can actually give you energy. Chewing is good for you!

There are items that are harmful to your teeth when you chew them.

  • Pencils. Both children and adults chew on pencils. Often times, this chewing is a nervous habit. It’s also common for individuals with focus issues to chew on something to help with concentration.  Chewing on a pencil can damage your teeth.

A good alternative to chewing on your pencil is to purchase a rubber pencil topper (or it can be worn around your neck). These have been designed specifically for individuals with pencil-chewing habits. You still will get the chewing motion, but you won’t harm your teeth in the process.

  • Ice is a common item for people to chew on. Ice is one of the most harmful things to chew on. It can chip your teeth, and its sound that it produces is usually highly annoying to those around the person chewing. 

A good alternative to chewing on ice is chewing on gum. Chewing sugarless gum can help prevent tooth decay. Chew gums with the ADA Seal to ensure that you are chewing a sugarless gum.

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