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Refreshment For Your Body And Teeth This Summer

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Hot yet? The temperature in Sioux City is rising this summer. July’s average temperatures usually rest in the mid to upper 80s. How are you staying cool? If you have a pool, taking a soak for refreshment is ideal. Hopefully your air conditioner is functioning well. There’s nothing like coming in from the hot outdoors and experiencing the refreshing cool air of your air conditioner unit.

How about your teeth? Are they in need of a little refreshment this summer? Maybe they need a fresh start! Have they started crowding? Maybe you’re experiencing teeth dissatisfaction due to gaps in your dental landscape. If you need a fresh start for your dental landscape, why not consider Six Month Braces? If you begin your Six Month Braces treatment this summer, you’ll be able to begin 2018 with a fresh newly aligned smile.

Six Month Braces use clear aligner trays to gently and gradually correct minor orthodontic issues. It’s a great option for you if you do not want to go through the experience of traditional metal braces over a longer period of time. The aligner trays are practically invisible, and do not compete with other accessories that you may be wearing. They are a great option for you if you care about your appearance.

If you’re 16 years or older, and you want a fresh start or restart on your smile, call Dr. Welch’s office at Whispering Creek Dental in Sioux City to book your appointment today.

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