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Tooth Stories

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It’s interesting that so many stories over the years have revolved around teeth.  The folklore of the legendary Tooth Fairy has been a favorite for generations.  Children all over the United States continue to tuck their lost teeth under their pillows at night in hopes that she will visit during their sleep to retrieve the tooth and replace it with money.  Do you know the history of how the Tooth Fairy came about?

The tradition of the Tooth Fairy is a mixture of stories collected and shared over the years.  In early Europe, it was the tradition to bury baby teeth that fell out.  When the sixth tooth would fall out it was customary for parents to slip a gift or money from the “tooth fairy” under the child’s pillow.  In northern Europe they celebrated “tooth fee.”  The child was paid money when he or she lost their first tooth.

The modern form of these traditions into an actual depicted tooth fairy has been dated back to 1927.  There is also an earlier reference to the tooth fairy in a 1908 “Household Hints” item in a newspaper. The reward for lost teeth varies by country.  The tooth fairy’s gift is usually dependent of the family’s economic status.  In 2013 a survey found that American children receive an average of $3.70 per lost tooth.

What’s your tooth story?  Do you remember where and when you lost your first tooth?  Do you continue to share the methods used by your parents, teachers, or dentists who pulled your tooth?  Maybe a bite out of an apple accidentally extracted that first tooth.  Did your father tie a string around the dangling tooth and tie the other end to a doorknob?  The creatively crafted methods of tooth extraction, and memories made through your teeth are treasures to be shared with your children.  Will you, and do you continue the Tooth Fairy folklore in your home?

Whatever your tooth story or tooth history, Whispering Creek Dental would like to enter the next chapter of tooth history with you.  We value you, your story, your history, and your future.

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