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What Happens After Your Dental Implant Is Placed?

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Congratulations if you just got your dental implant placed! Isn’t it wonderful? The fact that you now have a secure anchor implanted in your mouth is such a good feeling. That implant was placed in and will fuse with the jawbone to form a lasting bond that maintains and helps protect bone density in the same manner as healthy natural teeth. Immediately after your surgery you needed to use gauze to help stop any bleeding. You needed to maintain a soft diet for a short time period. Ice helped with the swelling and after 24 to 36 hours you were able to resume all of your normal activities. Impressive results, huh?

Over the next several months, the fusing process happened. During this time no crowns or prostheses were attached to your implants. Time will heal and help make your implant as secure as possible.

After those months of healing and fusing, you will enter the restorative phase. This phase begins when your restorative dentist takes impressions of your mouth to create a model of your mouth and the implant area. They will also need to determine your bite and its relationship with the upper and lower jaws. All of this information will help in preparing and making of the replacement tooth, which will be attached to your implant. This process requires a keen eye to detail so your custom crown will look natural and fit perfectly.

Call the offices at Whispering Creek Dental to discuss all of your dental needs with Dr. Welch. He will take care of all of your dental needs and make your dental implant look and feel as natural as possible.

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