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Why Choose White Over Metal Fillings?

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Metal amalgam has been the material of choice for restoring teeth for decades. But over the past couple of decades, dentistry has taken a turn for favoring tooth-colored composite fillings instead.

Here are four reasons to consider getting white fillings.

They’re More Tooth-Friendly
Metal fillings need to be physically anchored into the tooth. So in addition to drilling away the decay, a dentist has to undercut the tooth for the metal filling to stay in place.

But white fillings create a chemical bond with enamel. This means that less healthy tooth structure is removed to hold them in place. Also, composite filling material tends to respond to pressure and temperature the way a natural tooth does, allowing it to expand and contract along with the tooth.

They Match!
The most obvious perk to tooth-colored fillings is the fact that, well, they’re the same color as your teeth. With a composite restoration or two, you won’t feel the need to hide your smile behind your hand or closed lips.

They’re Mercury-Free
Amalgam fillings contain a combination of metals including mercury. If you currently have metal fillings, don’t panic – there’s not enough mercury in them to cause you any trouble.

Still, to be on the safe side, more people are opting for the mercury-free restorative material.

Upgrade Your Smile!
Taking advantage of the chance to swap out your current metal fillings for composite ones is a simple but effective way to get a smile makeover.

Want to learn more about white fillings? Get more of the latest in trending dentistry right here at Whispering Creek. Call us today to schedule your smile consultation.

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