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Did You Recently Opt for Dental Implants? Here are Some Aftercare Measures

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Dental implants play a huge role in restoring our missing teeth. Many of you might be aware of how effective and beneficial it is, but did you know that its longevity is in your hands? You need to take proper care of your dental implants after its fixation or else it can wear off gradually. Our concerns should not come to an end after the completion of a dental treatment, we must rather work towards making the effect sustain.

Some of the aftercare measures related to dental implants have been stated here. Take a look at the listed points.

Completely Avoid Drinking and Smoking: These are certainly two habits which lead to implant failure. Do not even think of taking a sip of alcohol or smoking a cigarette if you have got dental implants fixed. The gums take time to heal after the surgery, thus it might not be wise of you to get yourself intoxicated.

Leave the Surgical Site Alone: You must start following all the measures right after the completion of the surgery. The surgical site should be left alone for the first two days, hence, do not let the bristles of your brush reach there and don’t even use that side for chewing. Remember that the sustainability will extend if you pay heed to your dental implants right from the beginning.

Use Mouthwash That Contains Chlorhexidine: Mouthwashes that have chlorhexidine in it could be highly beneficial to use after a dental implant surgery. Some of you may feel that it’s not right to use a mouthwash after the fixation of the implant, but the one that contains chlorhexidine does no harm. You can consult your dentist if you have a doubt.                             

Curb Down on the Physical Activities: Stressing yourself out or doing a lot of physical activities might not be good for you after the surgery. Therefore, do not exercise for a few days or lift weights. Also, try to keep yourself away from unnecessary burdens.

Rinse Your Mouth 4 Times a Day with Salted Lukewarm Water: Do this consistently for the betterment of your implants. Provide 30 seconds for every rinsing session and if possible, extend the number of days to 5. And do not forget to be gentle while brushing rather than doing it vigorously or else the dental implants could wear off with time.

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