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Periodontal Therapy In
Sioux City.

In order to retain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, oral hygiene and general dentistry is the key. When oral hygiene is completed each and every day, your teeth can remain at optimal health and perfection. When paired with regular dental exams and professional cleanings, you can keep gum disease at bay. However, once plaque and tarter are allowed to form, teeth can fall victim to gingivitis and eventually periodontitis.

Periodontitis occurs when gingivitis is left untreated. It begins with bacterial growth from food that causes plaque, turning into the harder tarter substance, leading to gum inflammation. When this happens, gum disease can form. The beginning of gum disease or gingivitis will be seen as swollen and bleeding gums. If left unchecked, this will advance into periodontitis, which causes gaps to form between the teeth and gums, putting the teeth at further risk.

Treatment For Periodontitis

Gum disease is a common, yet treatable, dental issue. We can help you treat gingivitis and periodontitis and stop the progression of gum disease. Treatment includes deeper cleanings that remove plaque and tarter from teeth, even delving into the gaps created by periodontitis. Our dental hygienist team and Dr. Welch will work together to help control and even reverse the effects of gum disease to prevent bone and tooth loss.

Deep Cleaning, Scaling And Root Planing

When periodontitis has progressed, often more specialized cleanings will need to be done to control the disease. Deep cleanings, scaling and root planing go beneath the gum line to remove bacteria and tarter to allow the gums to heal and stop infection. Using these specialized techniques, Dr. Welch and the rest of our dental team at Whispering Creek Dental can help prevent further dental problems caused by periodontitis and will work with you to protect your beautiful smile. If you suspect any signs of periodontitis, we urge you to contact our office today to schedule a consultation.


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