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Usher Best Dental Habits to Your Child

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Chocolates are tempting and you care for your child. The combination of this do can endanger your child’s health.

Is there any way that you can keep your child off from this obsession? We have some simplified ways so that you can teach your child some good oral hygiene.

Being parent you take care of your child, keeping a watch of their health but if you stay restricted only in maintaining their health then the after effect won’t be good.

It is important to take care of their oral hygiene at the age of 3:

  • Brushing should become their habit at a very early age.  Toothpaste must consist of fluoride. If your children are using fluoride toothpaste then use a pea-sized amount in your brush.
  • Encourage your child to brush at least twice a day and make sure that your child’s brush must reach almost all areas in the mouth. Try to replace your child’s toothbrush after three to four months.
  • Make sure that your child is eating a healthy diet, and not foods that are sugary and sticky because they can increase the rate of formation of the sticky film on the teeth called plaque.
  • Take your child for dental care regularly.

Supervise your child with these following steps:

  • Take care of your child so that they should not swallow fluoride toothpaste.
  • Not much pea-sized toothpaste must be used.
  • Use soft-bristled toothbrush to rinse the inner portion of the tooth so that plague doesn’t accumulate.
  • Floss for your children at the age of four, because this is the only way that the inner food particles can be removed, but a wrong move can make your child’s soft gum to bleed so instead of directing do it by yourself. By the time your child is eight he can begin flossing for them.
  • If your child’s teeth are already affected by cavity then the best option is sealants. It is a strong plastic coating that protects the teeth from bacteria and formation of the dental cavity.

But how do you know that your child is getting the right amount of fluoride?

Like you know fluoride is a kind of component that helps to strengthen enamel. If you find that your child is not getting sufficient amount of fluoride then fluoride drops or mouth rinsing toothpaste can be used which will enable your child to get the right amount of fluoride.

Besides from maintaining all the key steps take a charge of their diet because serving best food to your child can refurbish their health.

But dentist has the best solution, so if you want to give your child the best dental solution then Whispering Creek dental is one call away. Bring your child to Morning-side area of Sioux City. Dr. John Welch with his amiable assistant will safeguard your child’s teeth.

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