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Is Your Gum Bleeding After a Dental Surgery? Here’s How You Can Stop It

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There could be a cut in your gum tissue during an oral surgery which could lead to bleeding. It takes time for the surgical site to recover but don’t fret if blood oozes out of your gums because that can be controlled or stopped. You may face this after a tooth extraction, dental implant surgery, root canal and so on.

We have discussed some of the tips which can help you during such situations. Go through them to get an idea.

  • Elevate Your Head and Sleep

Sleeping with your head elevated has a lot of benefits, it lowers the blood pressure which reduces bleeding. So, make sure you sleep in this position if your gums are bleeding.

  • Avoid Exercising After the Surgery

Lifting heavy weights or moving a lot after the dental surgery can increase the bleeding. Therefore, avoid exercising for a few days and wait for the surgical site to heal or else you might take time to recover.

  • Bite Down on a Wet Gauze

Damp a gauze with water and put it on the area from where it is bleeding. Bite down on the gauze and apply pressure for some time to reduce or stop the bleeding.

  • Do Not Use a Straw to Drink Anything

You must be very careful about your eating habits after any dental surgery and many of you might not know about this, but using a straw while drinking can dislodge the blood clot. Thus, don’t use a straw until the surgical area recovers completely.

  • Don’t Smoke for a Few Days:

Smoking tobacco not only affects our general health but also our oral health. Smoking after a dental surgery can cause you discomfort and affect the surgical site. The blood clot might get shifted and extend infection around the wounded site which can lead to immense pain.

  • Rinse with Salt Water

It’s essential to keep your mouth clean after a dental surgery. Rinsing with lukewarm salt water will get you a lot of relief. Do this thrice or four times in a day to control bleeding.

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