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Everything You Need To Know About Root Canal Therapy

root canal treatment

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Root Canal Treatment is one of the most popular dental treatments. But is it for all the wrong reasons? We generally associate root canal treatment with immense pain but is it true at all? It’s strange how a dental treatment that is so much popular is so little known about. Thus, in the following sections, let’s get to know about a root canal treatment in detail and uncover all the truth that you need to know.

What is a root canal treatment?

To those wanting to know what a root canal treatment is all about, it is a curative dental procedure. When the pulp, which is the innermost layer of the tooth is infected, the infected pulp and surrounding tissues are removed from an access hole in the infected tooth and that’s what the treatment is all about.

What are the signs that you need root canal treatment?

As you’re reading this, what are the odds that you might as well need to undergo a root canal treatment? Look for the following signs if you do:

    • Discolored tooth
    • Persistent toothache
    • Hypersensitivity
    • Swollen lymph nodes
    • Mild fever
    • Bleeding gums

What does the procedure include?

The root canal treatment procedure is one of the fewer known about dental treatments. So now that you know what it does, let’s get to know how it is done!

    1. At first, the dentist will provide you with appropriate sedation to help you relax throughout the treatment and make the treatment as comfortable as possible for you.
    2. Next, an access hole will be created that would stretch down to the root of the tooth.
    3. Using dental files, the infected pulp and adjacent tissues will be taken out from the access hole.
    4. A dental filling will be used to fill the hole created in the treatment.

Is a root canal treatment painful?

A root canal treatment is not at all painful. Firstly, it is possible that the nerve tissues inside the infected tooth have been too damaged to transfer distress signals. Secondly, sedation will help you perfectly relax throughout your dental treatment.

How many appointments does a root canal treatment require?

Depending upon the severity of the infection, a root canal treatment should not typically take more than two appointments. The second appointment is usually to replace the temporary dental filling with a more permanent one.

Now that you know what you needed to know about a root canal treatment, wouldn’t you agree that the treatment has been a subject of popular notions?! There’s a lot that people know about root canal treatments, which are not true. So, if you’re someone who needs a root canal treatment, do not hesitate. Get the best dentist for root canal treatment in Sioux City IA.

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