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10 Best Practices For Healthy & Shiny Teeth

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Who doesn’t want healthy and shiny teeth? Well, everyone. But do you know the right steps required to accomplish it?

Taking care of oral health is very important. It involves using the right oral care products and following the daily routine care as well.

Let’s check out the best practice to take care of teeth:

1. Brushing Your Teeth Twice Daily:

Many of us brush only in the morning giving it a miss at night. However, the general recommendation is brushing it two times everyday. So, make sure to brush your teeth twice to avoid germs & plaque.

2. Follow Proper Brushing :

The method of brushing is important. Take time to move the brush up and down, circular in gentle way.

3. Clean Your Tongue:

The deposition of plaque on the tongue can lead to oral health problems. In order to avoid it, clean your tongue whenever you brush your teeth.

4. Use Good Quality Toothpaste:

Don’t get trapped by the features of whitening and flavor of a toothpaste. Make sure you choose the right one that contains the fluoride.

5. Brushing followed by Flossing:

It is often seen that many people neglect the flossing part. They are not aware that flossing removes the food stuck in between the teeth. It helps to stimulate the gums and reduces the plaque.

6. Use Mouthwash:

Although there are many advertisement which shows the importance of mouthwash. Usually, people give it a skip as they don’t know how it works. Mouthwash reduces the acid in mouth, cleans it well and re-mineralizes the teeth.

7. Be Hydrated:

Water is vital for overall health that includes oral health too.So, make sure to drink water after every meal. It helps to remove the  sticky substance stuck on the teeth.

8. Eat Plenty of Fruits & Vegetables:

Good diet with healthy fibers is always the best choice for the teeth.

9. Restrict Sugary & Acidic Foods:

Try to avoid sugary and acidic foods. These can erode the enamel of the teeth and can lead to cavities.

10. Visit Your Dentist twice a Year:

Healthy habits contribute much for good oral health. Still, it is always recommended to see your dentist at-least once in six months. The dentist can address the potential issues and provide the treatment accordingly.

Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene needs a proper and regular dental care. If you check the above list then you will find we’re most likely doing most of these anyway as part of our usual routine. If you haven’t set up your dental care routine yet, it’s time to get those teeth and gums in check by doing these practices now!

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