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Is Tooth Sensitivity Restraining You From Eating an Ice Cream? These 6 Tips Can Help

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Your joy of having an ice cream shatters right after tooth sensitivity comes into the picture. An uneasy sensation hits you as soon as you take the first bite and you feel like giving up on anything sweet or cold.

A 2014 report stated that 40 million American adults have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity won’t emerge if your teeth receive the right amount of care but you need to follow few proper remedies if it is causing you discomfort while eating.

Choose a Desensitizing Toothpaste: 

Sometimes our selection of toothpaste goes wrong and we fail to realize it. Choose a desensitizing toothpaste if a bizarre sensation on your teeth is making it difficult for you to chew on anything. A fluoridated toothpaste would be the best for healing tooth sensitivity.

Discard All the Acidic Drinks and Food: 

Its time for eliminating red wines if you are addicted to it because the acidic drink will elevate your tooth sensitivity. Not only that, you should also say no to canned juices, pickles, processed meats and so on to get rid of the uneasy feeling.

Use Clove Oil: 

Clove oil happens to be one of the traditional remedies for tooth sensitivity and it also ameliorates the condition of gums. However, peppermint and cinnamon oils are also among the essential ones because even they play a huge role in curing sensitivity. The germicidal and antibacterial properties of these oils are great for the mouth.

Plastic Resins Could Work: 

We did mention above to use desensitizing toothpaste to avoid sensitivity, but what if that doesn’t work? There is always another option, you can then go for plastic resins or fluoride varnish. But consult your dentist before planning to opt for another desensitizing agent. He himself will apply it to the affected areas if he thinks that you are in dire need of it.

Don’t Go Harsh on Your Teeth: 

Flossing or brushing with all the force that you have got is not the solution to get healthy teeth. It will rather ruin your gums and may also lead to sensitive teeth. Therefore, do not go hard on your teeth, take two minutes out of your busy schedule and brush properly. This will solve half of your dental issues.

Give Up on Grinding: 

A lot of people have a weird habit of grinding their teeth even while sleeping. This is one of the major reasons for tooth sensitivity which should be stopped right away. Practice not to clench your teeth every day, it will gradually stop.

Tooth sensitivity is often avoided by people but it becomes intolerable after escalating. Therefore, we urge you not to wait until it gets amplified. Call us today @(712) 276-8432 to get a free consultation on tooth sensitivity.

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