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Dental Implants – The best teeth replacement option

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Dental implants are considered to be a boon in the field of modern dentistry. Numerous studies say that a huge number of people all across the world suffer from the problem of untimely teeth loss. Implants are a perfect solution to this issue. But, are you aware of what dental implants actually are or the reasons that make them the best teeth replacement option? If not then going through this blog can be of effective help.

Here at Whispering Creek Dental, we believe that lack of knowledge can be the reason for confusion and can ultimately lead to dental anxiety. Keeping this in mind, our team of dental professionals decided to come up with blogs that will cover almost every shade of modern dentistry. Today, it’s about implants.

But before discussing the topic you should know what dental implants are. It can be defined as an artificial tooth root that is inserted into the jaw bone with aim of providing both support and stability to the dental prosthesis such as bridge, crown, dentures, etc.

Benefits of Dental Implants

A lot of people generally have the misconception of dental implants being very expensive. Well, if you fall in that category, just know that implants can turn out to be the most economical option in the long run. Moreover, the benefits offered to make every dollar invested in the treatment worth it.

Prevents bone loss

Bone loss is a common phenomenon in the case of missing one or multiple teeth. You might be surprised to know that the mass of your jawbone is maintained by the stimulation produced when the teeth connect. Therefore, loss of teeth leads to less or no stimulation which in turn affects the jawbone leading to bone loss. This issue can be easily prevented with the help of undergoing dental implant treatment at a professional dental clinic. You should know that the implants are specifically designed to feel and function like your original teeth.

Match your natural teeth

Dental implants are available in various shapes and sizes. The reason behind it is to meet the requirements of numerous patients. Your dentist will make sure to match the color of the implant with the color of the surrounding teeth. Custom treatment is one of the most prominent specialties of dental implants.

Restore bite force

Loss of teeth can negatively affect your bite force and cause serious discomfort. One of the major reasons behind dental implants being a popular teeth replacement option is their ability to restore the bite force. You will be able to generate similar force while biting, eating, or chewing by undergoing this treatment.

Improves speech

Teeth replacement options such as bridges or partial dentures might hamper your speech. Slurring is pretty common if you choose to pick any of these options. But, this is not the case with dental implants. On the contrary, getting implants can actually improve your speech.

Prevent the change of facial structure

Losing multiple teeth can change your facial structure. Installing dental implants eliminates the chances of facing this problem and also prevents any further deterioration of your jawbone.


The other teeth replacement options such as dentures, bridges, etc need to be either replaced or repaired after 5-10 years. None of these activities can be done without spending money. But, dental implants are very durable and can last for a lifetime if maintained properly. This is why dental professionals say that implants can turn out to be the wisest choice in the years to come.

We hope that you have now gained a better understanding of why to go for dental implants over the other teeth replacement option. Contact Whispering Creek Dental if you are looking for the best dental implant treatment in Sioux City, IA. Thank you.

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