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Reasons Why Crooked Teeth Might Be Deteriorating Your Oral Health

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Crooked teeth or malocclusion is a dental condition which has an enormous impact on your oral health. Orthodontic treatments today have advanced immensely, which is why getting your teeth aligned has become convenient.

Modern braces are not only comfortable to wear, but also yield better results. Invisalign or clear aligner is one of the most effective orthodontic devices. It is an almost transparent dental aligner which is removable.

Misaligned teeth can affect your dental health in many ways and in this post, we have talked about some of the oral problems caused due to the condition.

  • Cleaning teeth becomes a matter of concern for a person who has crooked teeth. It becomes very difficult to reach the floss or the bristles of the toothbrush to certain areas due to misaligned teeth. Therefore, people with crooked teeth are more likely to develop dental diseases.
  • The food particles remain trapped in between your teeth when brushing and flossing properly becomes difficult due to misaligned teeth. This further gives rise to dental plaque which is a sticky film and consists of bacteria. Plaque plays a major role in triggering periodontal disease which largely affects your gums and teeth. Right from receding to inflamed gums, you could experience a lot of discomfort due to periodontal disease. Your overall health could be at a risk due to gum disease.
  • If you have both protruding upper and lower teeth, chewing your food could be a major problem. And when you don’t chew your food properly, you are bound to experience digestive problems. Therefore, it is necessary to get your crooked teeth aligned before it gets too late.
  • The bacteria in your mouth can get multiplied if your teeth are misaligned. The biological cells will get more space to hide if due to your crooked teeth, this way the chances of you suffering from a cavity could be high.
  • The escalating bacteria in your mouth can certainly give rise to bad breath or halitosis which can turn into a persistent dental condition with time.
  • Protruding teeth are more likely to chip or get cracked. It could give rise to sudden accidents which can lead to bleeding.

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