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Encouraging Children To Floss Can Help Them Learn Good Dental Habits

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A meticulous dental routine is not only important for adults to follow, but also for children. Maintaining a healthy mouth right from childhood can have many benefits as combating dental diseases becomes easy when the child grows up.

Flossing should be an integral part of your kid’s dental routine as it can be highly beneficial. Brushing two times in a day is definitely useful, however, it alone might not complete your oral routine.


Here’s how flossing can do wonders for your kid’s oral health. Learn the benefits of the dental habit below.

  • The food particles that get stuck in between your teeth could be one of the primary causes of halitosis which is the medical term for bad breath. The debris consist of bacteria which gives rise to an unpleasant odor in the mouth. Children might not understand the importance of removing the trapped debris and it is you who should encourage them to floss every day. Doing this will help prevent halitosis.
  • When a tooth gets decayed, it not only leads to a pain that is insufferable, but also many other discomforts. Tooth decay is something unbearable, thus imagine what a little one would go through if he experiences a decayed tooth. Flossing on a regular basis can definitely help prevent tooth decay, thus, make sure your little one is flossing in between his teeth.
  • There could be visible tartar buildup around your little one’s gum area if he skips flossing. This can certainly have an impact on the child’s smile, flossing can remove the tartar and make your kid’s smile look beautiful.
  • Plaque and tartar are common reasons for the emergence of gum disease which can reach its final stage, advanced periodontitis if ignored or left untreated.Right from inflamed gums to receding gums, gum disease can lead to several dental problems and it might be difficult for your little one to cope with the condition. Flossing twice in a day can certainly play a role in preventing gum disease. Hence, make sure your child is following the dental practice every day.

If your child still has not reached the age of 10, he might need your assistance when it comes to flossing. A proper guidance will help them understand the process.

Bring your child to Whispering Creek Dental today to get his mouth checked, you can give us a call at (712) 276-8432.

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