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Ten Reasons Family Block Appointments Are Good For Your Family

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Life is busy! When you’re managing a family, scheduling is everything.  A calendar becomes your best friend and efficiency is key! However, priorities must remain your main objective. One priority we all have at the top of our lists is dental health for every member of your family. Did you know there’s something being offered at family-friendly and cutting edge dental offices called “Family Block Appointments?” This type of scheduling is for the busy family that has dental health as a priority and lots of extracurricular activities competing with it.

During a family blocked scheduling appointment you can bring in every member of your family for your family dental care, all in one day, in one block appointment.

Here are the top 10 reasons family block scheduling might be right for you”

  1. It’s fun to have your biggest cheerleaders with you as you visit the dentist.
  2. Using positive reinforcement, everyone in the family can get a special treat afterward for a great visit to the dentist’s office.
  3. Your dentist can notice trends or familial similarities with habits and help address the entire family together.
  4. The waiting room will be more fun because members of your family can help lend a hand while others are being treated.
  5. Taking one trip to the dentist twice a year is more efficient, and a time saver.
  6. Less trips to the dentist office means less gas!
  7. Family time is hard to carve out in busy families, making dental memories together can be fun.
  8. For nervous patients, it’s nice to have the support and encouragement of your loved ones with you.
  9. When you all visit the dentist together you all can be on the same page with your dental care and habits.
  10. Dr. Welch at Whispering Creek Dental loves families!  He would love to get to know each unique member of your family.

Book your family appointments today with a dentist like Dr. Welch at Whispering Creek Dental, a place that care about every aspect of your family’s health and busy schedules.

Posted on behalf of Whispering Creek Dental

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