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Dental Health For Your Teenagers

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Raise your hand if you have a teen child.  Now raise both of your hands if they make you scratch your head, and make you wonder where your sweet child went, and when did this new child that carries your last name move into your house?  Teens are always sure to throw their parents a curve ball, or twenty!

Life is never dull in a home with teenagers.  Staying on top of your teen’s life is sometimes challenging because they tend to be more private and less likely to share the details of their lives that you’re typically used to hearing.  Here are some typical dental health issues your teen may be dealing with that are not shared by the younger age groups.

Oral Piercings

Every generation has their share of trends that come and go.  One trend that has stayed around for some time is that of getting oral piercings.  Be sure to have your child visit your dentist so they can explain the risks and complications due to “mouth art.”  Discuss the sanitary conditions where the procedures are performed.  Infections and allergic reaction may lead to serious mouth issues.  Make sure your teen knows how to properly clean and maintain dental health with the new objects that have been implanted into their mouth.

Eating Disorders

Sadly, there is a secret teenage issue that has been present in many of the recent generations.  Eating disorders come from distorted and dissatisfied body images in teens.  Eating disorders tend to be seen largely in the teen population.  Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating can cause oral complications such as tooth enamel erosion, dental cavities, and enlargement of the glands that produce saliva, sensitive teeth, and a fungal or bacterial infection in the roof of the mouth.

Surgary Sodas

When your child is younger you can easily manage their food and drink intake because they are with you, and they value your input.  As your child moves into their teenage years they spend more time apart from you, and your input in their lives becomes less of an importance.  Teens often choose sweet tasting soda instead of more nutritious drinks such as water and milk.  Sodas usually contain phosphoric acid and large amounts of sugar.  These ingredients offer no nutritional benefit, and they are known to cause cavities.

If your child is a teenager, bring them into Whispering Creek Dental to discuss their life choices that may affect their dental health.

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